A new version of the Permanent Offer Notice was published, presenting continuous bidding offers of blocks and areas for exploration or rehabilitation and production of oil and natural gas. The new version includes 708 blocks with exploratory risk and three areas with marginal accumulations

In addition to the technical and economic parameters for the blocks and area included, new version of the Permanent Offer Notice brings an update on the parameters of the blocks and the areas that were already included in the previous version, especially with regard to the methodology for defining royalty rates.

For areas with marginal accumulations, the minimum royalty rate will be 5%. For areas outside the Pre-salt Polygon of the Campos and Santos Basins and those classified as high potential basins, the royalty rate is set at 10%. The notice also includes some technical improvements resulting from the experience with the 1st Permanent Offer cycle and other bidding rounds held recently, as well as changes in the wording to make the rules clearer and more objective.