COVID-19: measures to ensure port operations

The federal government published Provisional Measure nº 945/2020, which provides for temporary measures in response to the pandemic in the scope of the port sector, among other things. It foresees that port workers will be entitled to receive monthly compensatory indemnity while prevented from being assigned to work, due to suspected or diagnosed symptoms of COVID-19. The measure also foresees that, in the event of unavailability of port workers to attend the work demand, unserved port operators may freely hire workers through an employment contract for a specific time to carry out wharfage, stowage services, cargo checking, cargo repair and vessel surveillance. More information at: (in Portuguese)
Note: Provisional Measures are norms with force of law, issued by the President of the Republic in situations of relevance and urgency. Despite producing immediate legal effects, Provisional Measures need further consideration by the Houses of Congress (Chamber and Senate) to become ordinary laws.