Decree n. 10.576/2020 revised the criteria for the cession of federal water bodies for aquaculture operations, covering federal rivers and hydroelectric reservoirs, territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone. It seeks to improve the cession process and its regulatory framework.

The Federal Government issued Decree n. 10.576/2020, replacing Decree n. 4.895/2003, on the cession of federal water bodies for aquaculture operations. Those water bodies include the federal reservoirs of hydroelectric plants, federal rivers (those that cover more than one state or cross international borders), territorial waters and the Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE, in the Portuguese acronym).

Interested companies can request the grant of cession rights to the Secretariat of Aquaculture and Fisheries at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (SAP/MAPA), by presenting a technical project containing information on geographical coordinates, site location justification, productive system description and qualified technical officers. More details on article 4 of the decree.

Those companies also require an aquaculture environmental license, granted by each state, and must adhere to the list of approved species for farming, in accordance with the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).

After project analysis from MAPA and other federal bodies, according to specific provisions, a grant of up to 35 years can be approved. However, the cession can be revoked by non-compliance with requirements, including fish production quotas.