Exports of protective apparel and clothing accessories are prohibited

On May 21, 2020, the Foreign Trade Secretariat (Secex) prohibited the export of certain products classified in the following NCMs: 39262000; 3,9269090; 40151100; 40151900; 62101000; 62102000; 62103000; 63079010; 90049020; 90181980; 90192030; 90192090; 94029020.

The list includes apparel articles and clothing accessories for protection, such as masks, gloves, capes, and goggles. As a result of this prohibition, changes were made to the “Special export license for products to combat Covid-19” (E00115), since other products falling under these same NCMs are still subject to this license, to be requested in the LPCO module of Foreign Trade Portal, to complete the export. Documents issued before the said date whose items contain some of these products must be adjusted for their correct description. More information at: http://www.siscomex.gov.br/exportacao/exportacao-n-029-2020/ and http://www.siscomex.gov.br/exportacao/exportacao-n-024-2020/ (in Portuguese)