Launch of the National Bio Inputs Program – The Program aims to implement strategic actions for the development of economically viable and ecologically sustainable alternatives for agricultural and livestock production that guarantee healthy products for the Brazilian and international society.

Decree n. 10.375/2020 established the National Bio Inputs Program to promote the adoption of sustainable practices and value national biodiversity using technologies, products and processes developed from renewable resources. Among the ten goals enlisted in the Decree, there are those of supporting incubation processes of companies and small businesses focused on the production of bio-inputs and the organization of bio-factories; and of promoting actions to stimulate the production, processing, distribution, marketing and consumption of bio inputs.

For the purposes of the Decree, bio-input is a product, process or technology of plant, animal or microbial origin, intended for use in the production, storage and processing of agricultural products, in aquatic production systems or planted forests, which positively interfere with the growth, development and response mechanism of animals, plants, microorganisms and derived substances and which interact with products and physical-chemical and biological processes.