New law allows more freedom in issuing rural credit certificates

Law nº 13.986/2020 improves the Rural Product Certificate (CPR) and agribusiness titles. Now, CPR may be issued not only on primary production (agriculture), but on products from the first processing of that production (agribusiness). The CPR will also admit all types of guarantees provided for by law.
Another novelty is the possibility of immediate issuance of the CPR referenced by the exchange rate, fixed or floating interest rates, regardless of their issuers, buyers or products, which was not allowed before. Thus, the private credit market is free for immediate hiring under these new conditions without the need for prior regulation.
CPR must be registered with high-tech registrars by the private credit markets, as in the case of the National Financial System. Also, the Law expanded access to the interest rate equalization mechanism, which was previously allowed to only eight banks, and is now open to all financial institutions authorized to operate in rural credit.