Regulatory Outlook 2021: Brazilian National Congress’ main Legal Projects

The main federal bills under analysis by the Brazilian National Congress in 2021, covering sector-specific and transversal topics, and their current status², are listed as follows:

Cross-sector Federal Bills (Legal Projects)

Constitutional Amend. / Federal BillSubjectStatus in the Brazilian House of Representatives¹Status in the Brazilian Senate¹Note
PEC n. 186/2019Emergency Constitutional Amendment (Covid-19 aid and Fiscal Fix)ApprovedApprovedConverted into EC n. 109/2021
PLP n. 19/2019Central Bank Autonomy LawApprovedApprovedConverted into LCP n. 179/2021
PL n. 7.843/2017 (PL n. 317/2021)Public Administration Efficiency LawApprovedApprovedConverted into Law n. 14.129/2021
PL n. 4.253/2020New Brazilian Bidding LawApprovedApprovedAwaiting sanction
PLP n. 146/2019Legal Framework for StartupsPendingApproved 
PL n. 2.983/2020Foreign Acquisition of Rural Land LawPendingApproved 
PL n. 2.646/2020Infrastructure Debentures LawPending 
PEC n. 32/2020Public Administration ReformPending 
PLS n. 295/2016New Public Financing LawPending 
PL n. 7.063/2017Public-Private Partnership General LawPending 
PL n. 5.518/2020New Federal Forest Concession LawPending 
PL n. 5.387/2019Foreign Exchange Market ModernizationPending 
PL n. 3.515/2015Consumer Over-Indebtedness LawPending 
PL n. 3.729/2004 /
PLS n. 168/2018
Legal Framework for Environmental LicensingPendingPending 
PEC n. 45/2019 /
PEC n. 110/2019
Tax ReformPendingPending 
PEC n. 187/2019Public Funds ReformPending 
PEC n. 188/2019Federative Pact ReformPending


Sector-specific Federal Bills (Legal Projects)

CategoryFederal BillSubjectStatus in the Brazilian House of Representatives¹Status in the Brazilian Senate¹Note
InfrastructurePL n. 4.199/2020Cabotage Navigation ProgramApprovedPending 
InfrastructurePLC n. 8/2013 (PL n. 886/2021)Highway Free FlowPendingApproved 
InfrastructurePLS n. 261/2018Legal Framework for RailwaysPending 
AgribusinessPL n. 5.191/2020Agricultural Investment FundApprovedApprovedConverted into Law n. 14.130/2021
Renewable EnergyPLS n. 232/2016 (PL n. 414/2021)Legal Framework for Electrical EnergyPendingApproved 
Renewable EnergyPL n. 5.877/2019 Eletrobras PrivatizationPending 
AutomotivePL n. 6.093/2019Single Freight Transportation Document (DT-e)Pending 
Oil & GasPL n. 4.476/2020Legal Framework for Natural GasApprovedApproved Awaiting sanction
Oil & GasPL n. 3.178/2019  Pre-salt E&P ConcessionPending 
Oil & GasPL n. 1.538/2019Pre-salt Profit Oil CommercializationPending 
Capital MarketPL n. 3.877/2020Central Bank Voluntary ReservesPendingApproved



  1. The status of each Federal Bill (legal project) can be monitored through electronic bulletins (push notifications) from the Brazilian House of Representatives ( and the Brazilian Senate (logged area, “minhas matérias” section).
  2. The presented status reflects that of March 30, 2021.