The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) updated its 2021-2022 Regulatory Agenda, comprising the regulatory initiatives planned for the period. The update included new initiatives and new public consultation steps to existing ones.

The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL), through Ordinance n. 6.689/2021, updated its Regulatory Agenda for the 2021-2022 period, covering the planned regulatory initiatives scheduled to improve ANEEL’s regulatory framework. The updated version can be found in the new resolution’s Annex and at ANEEL’s website.

According to ANEEL, the update included new activities related to reserve capacity contracting, and auxiliary services requirements. It also included public consultation steps to the existing initiatives. Altogether, seven initiatives were included, three were excluded, and 21 were amended. ANEEL’s technical note provides more information on each update.

The Regulatory Agenda is comprised of nine strategic themes, and 138 initiatives, which are classified as ordinary or priority. They are distributed across the strategic themes as follows:

  • Generation – 28 initiatives;
  • Transmission – 27 initiatives;
  • Commercialization and Market – 24 initiatives;
  • Electric Energy sector’s Financial and Accounting Regulations – 19 initiatives;
  • Distribution – 17 initiatives;
  • Sector or cross-sector framework – 10 initiatives;
  • Tariff – eight initiatives;
  • Research and Development and Energy Efficiency – six initiatives;
  • ANEEL internal organization – three initiatives.