The Federal Government enacted a national policy and a national forum for the modernization of the Federal Public Administration, intended to promote transversal improvements within government and society.

The Federal Government, through Decree n. 10.609/2021, enacted the “Moderniza Brasil” National Policy for Modernizing the State Government and the National Forum for Modernizing the State Government, aimed at directing government efforts to improve the efficiency of the Federal Public Administration. The National Forum will be comprised of three thematic chambers and working groups that will implement the National Policy.

The National Policy will be developed under five thematic axes (article 5), designed to improve legal security, quality of administration and regulatory efficiency within the Federal Public Administration. They also seek initiatives for fostering a digital society.

The National Forum, whose members are listed in article 11, is comprised of three thematic chambers that will support the activities of the National Forum:

  • Thematic Chamber for Business Environment Modernization;
  • Thematic Chamber for Digital Government;
  • Thematic Chamber for Digital Society.

The National Forum can also form working groups to support its activities. It will meet regularly, every four months.