The Federal Government established an inter-ministerial working group for restructuring the Brazilian National Marine Policy (PMN, in the Portuguese acronym), designed to promote the sustainable exploration of maritime resources and the development of infrastructure. The group must provide its final report within a one-year period, extendable by another year.

The Federal Government, through Decree n. 10.607/2021, established an inter-ministerial working group intended to reshape the National Marine Policy (PMN, in the Portuguese acronym), provided by Decree n. 1.265/1994.

In accordance with Decree n. 1.265/1994, the PMN is a guideline policy for developing maritime activities and the effective use of sea and internal waterways. It is comprised of 11 objectives (chapter 2), including the exploration of maritime resources, environmental protection, development of port, waterway and shipbuilding industry infrastructure, and privatization of maritime activities (without strategic imperative).

However, since it dates to 1994, the PMN requires restructuring, to provide adherence to new policy elements, such as Blue Economy principles and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The new decree establishes five restructuring goals (article 1) and institutes a working group composed of:

  • Navy Command, which will coordinate;
  • Ministry of Justice and Public Security;
  • Ministry of Defense;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ministry of Economy;
  • Ministry of Infrastructure;
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply;
  • Ministry of Citizenship;
  • Ministry of Health;
  • Ministry of Mines and Energy;
  • Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • Ministry of Environment;
  • Ministry of Tourism;
  • Ministry of Regional Development; and
  • Attorney-General of the Union.

The working group must submit the final report to the Ministry of Defense within a year of the designation of its members. The deadline can also be postponed by one year.