The Federal government launches the Regulatory Agenda for Improvement of the Investment Environment

The Federal Government launched, through Resolution N. 45/2020, the Regulatory Agenda for Improvement of the Investment Environment. The Agenda, focused on the investors’ needs, should serve as a guide to policies related to investment attraction along 2020-2021. The initiative was approved by the Executive Management Committee (Gecex) of the Foreign Trade Chamber (Camex), an inter-ministerial body chaired by the Ministry of Economy.

The work related to the elaboration and monitoring of the Agenda will be led by the National Investment Committee (Coninv) and its technical group, in addition to the Network of Focal Points of the Direct Investment Ombudsman. Based on this joint work, a set of recommendations for priority measures in terms of regulation will be published.

The Agenda, recommendatory in character, will function as a consultation tool for the governmental bodies involved.