The Foreign Trade Chamber (CAMEX) at the Ministry of Economy included 263 products (154 tariff lines) to the “Covid-19 list” of import tariff exemptions and suspended the application of two anti-dumping duties. Those measures are valid until June 30.

Resolution n. 144/2021 and Resolution n. 146/2021 issued by the Executive Management Committee (GECEX) at the Foreign Trade Chamber (CAMEX) included 263 products – 154 Mercosur Common Nomenclature (NCM) codes – to the “Covid-19 list” of import tariff exemptions, established by GECEX Resolution n. 17/2020, covering products used in the fight against the pandemic.

Currently valid until June 30, the list comprises 561 products within 292 NCM codes. It can be found in the updated annex of GECEX Resolution n. 17/2020, through this link (in Portuguese).

CAMEX also enacted GECEX Resolution n. 145/2021 and GECEX Resolution 147/2021, which suspended, until June 30, anti-dumping duties against disposable syringes originating from China and vacuum blood collection plastic tubes originating from China, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively.

The list and those suspensions are intended to facilitate the import of essential products used in the fight against the pandemic.