The Foreign Trade Chamber (CAMEX) at the Ministry of Economy postponed the validity of several resolutions from the “ex-tariff” regime and launched a public consultation to determine the continuation of benefits granted to the listed products. No manifestation will entail the revoking of benefits.

The Foreign Trade Chamber (CAMEX) at the Ministry of Economy, through GECEX Resolution n.º 289/2021, incorporated Decision n.º 08/2021 from the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), which enabled Brazil to maintain its “ex-tariff” waiver system for capital goods (BK) and computer and telecommunications goods (BIT) without domestic equivalent, until the end of 2028.

Additionally, CAMEX enacted GECEX Resolution n.º 291/2021, postponing the validity of several “ex-tariff” resolutions until April 30, 2022, while launching a public consultation process to determine the effective utilization of the “ex-tariff” regime and the existence of domestic equivalent production for benefited BK and BIT products. The results of the public consultation will determine the further postponement of tariff exemptions granted to the benefited products until December 31, 2025, or their exclusion from the regime.

As provided in article 2, parties interested in the continuation of benefits for specific products (specifically listed in one of the “ex-tariff” resolutions provided in article 1) shall manifest their interest through the consultation. The “ex-tariff” status for benefited BK and BIT products that receive no manifestation of interest will be revoked. Furthermore, and according to the same article, representatives from the domestic industry must provide a non-generic appeal against the postponement of any benefited product to exclude it from the regime.

Manifestations of interest must be carried out through the Federal Government portal until February 28.