The Inter-Ministerial Group on Intellectual Property (GIPI) sanctioned its 2021-2023 Action Plan for implementing the National Strategy on Intellectual Property (ENPI, in the Portuguese acronym). The GIPI prioritizes 49 of the 210 ENPI initiatives.

The Inter-Ministerial Group on Intellectual Property (GIPI) at the Ministry of Economy, through GIPI Resolution n. 2/2021, enacted the Action Plan for the National Strategy on Intellectual Property (ENPI, in the Portuguese acronym), covering the period between August 2021 and July 2023. The Action Plan’s goal is to oversee the 210 initiatives from the strategy, and provide the implementation of the 49 prioritized initiatives within the next two years. The prioritized initiatives and their 2021-2023 schedules are described in Annex “II” of the resolution.

The ENPI is designed to improve the Brazilian business environment related to Intellectual Property, aimed at safeguarding innovation and investments in Brazil. Although approved by the GIPI, according to the ministry, the ENPI still requires formal sanction through a Federal Government decree.

The Action Plan is categorized according to ENPI’s seven axes of implementation:

  1. Intellectual Property for competitiveness and development;
  2. Dissemination and Capacity-Building for Intellectual Property;
  3. Governance and Institutional Development;
  4. Modernization of legal and regulatory frameworks;
  5. Compliance and Legal Security;
  6. Intelligence and forward-looking vision; and
  7. Brazil’s integration to the International System on Intellectual Property.

Details on ENPI’s axes can also be found here. Since the ENPI is a ten-year strategy, the enacted Action Plan is the first of at least five guiding agendas for strengthening Intellectual Property in Brazil. The Action Plan was enacted with the support of 11 ministries and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and was the subject of a public consultation in 2020.