The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) implemented simplifying rules to the import process of products subject to registration with the agricultural authorities. As an effort to reduce bureaucratic procedures, agricultural product registration is now treated under a single federal government system.

Normative Instruction n. 91/2020 of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply (MAPA) implemented new import procedures, by unifying MAPA’s SIGVIG information system with the Single Foreign Trade Portal (SISCOMEX)’s Licenses, Permits, Certifications and Others (LPCO) module. This measure concerns to products subject to registration with agricultural authorities, more specifically, to LPCO registration.

Import operations of those products now require an Import License and a LPCO module registration. User registration in the International Agriculture Surveillance System (VIGIAGRO) is no longer required, therefore, reducing time and bureaucratic procedures.

The list of products (Mercosur Common Nomenclature – NCM codes) subject to LPCO treatment is provided in the annex of the normative instruction, available in MAPA’s website. The normative instruction further clarifies the LPCO registration process and a manual is available here (in Portuguese).

The Normative Instruction is part of an effort to create a single import declaration for agricultural products. The registration under a single digital system reduces risk and complies with the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s Trade Facilitation Agreement.