The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA) submitted to public consultation new rules for the production, trade, and use of seedlings and vegetative propagation materials, in line with Decree n.º 10.586/2020. Similar public consultation processes were held for seeds and cultivars.

The Secretariat of Agricultural Defense (SDA) at the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), through Ordinance n.º 533/2022, submitted to public consultation a regulatory proposal on the rules for the production, certification, technical responsibility, processing, repackaging, storage, sampling, analysis, commercialization, and use of seedlings and vegetative propagation materials. It is intended to replace Normative Instruction n.º 24/2005 following the 2020 decree on the National System of Seeds and Seedlings (Decree n.º 10.586/2020), reported in the 19th edition of the Regulatory Report.

According to MAPA, the proposal adheres to the new decree’s provisions, providing the simplification of procedures, increase in the coverage of vegetative propagation materials with certification of genetic origin, and regulatory coverage of seedlings producers. Two similar public consultations were carried out in February, one for seeds (link to MAPA’s website) and another for cultivars (link to MAPA’s website).

Contributions must be submitted through SDA’s normative acts monitoring system (SISMAN) until April 22. Note that the registration at SISMAN, via the SOLICITA system, is necessary to submit contributions, however, it requires a Brazilian Individual Taxpayers Registry (CPF). The draft proposal is available on MAPA’s website.