The Ministry of Economy launched a public consultation intended to survey companies on the existence of regulatory barriers to economic efficiency that may cause competition asymmetry between Brazilian and foreign companies, and harm foreign trade.

The Secretariat of Competition and Competitiveness Advocacy (SEAE) at the Ministry of Economy launched Public Consultation n.º 8/2021 in order to survey companies on the existence of regulatory-related impediments to economic efficiency, regarding asymmetries between Brazilian and foreign companies. More specifically, the consultation targets the regulatory barriers to foreign trade (that affect the import and export of goods and services), and the regulations that may cause competition asymmetry between domestic and foreign companies.

The consultation is part of the ministry’s “REG-OCDE” program of regulatory convergence to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)’s best regulatory practices, seeking to improve the OECD Product Market Regulation (PMR) indicator, in which Brazil ranked 47º out of 49 countries in 2018. Contributions can be submitted through the REG-OCDE platform at the Ministry of Economy’s website until October 25. Furthermore, the REG-OCDE platform also provides the open digital form for public submission of regulatory proposals which was reported in the 22nd edition of the Regulatory Report.