The Ministry of Economy launched a public survey on its project to reduce barriers to the Brazilian business environment, namely “Redução do Custo Brasil”. Companies can submit proposals to mitigate any perceived impediment to the business environment.

The Ministry of Economy launched a public survey on the Federal Government’s project to reduce the “Custo Brasil” (“Brazilian Cost”, in Portuguese) – usual denomination for the aggregate of factors that harm the Brazilian business environment, such as structural, bureaucratic, economic, and labor impediments to business activities. Launched in 2019, the project produced a methodology indicating that such barriers accounted for 22% of Brazilian GDP. Additionally, it evaluated that cost across 12 axes, among which “human capital employment”, “paying taxes”, and “infrastructure provision” were the least adequate elements.

The current status of the project is provided at the Ministry of Economy’s website, including a dashboard on the 1,051 Federal Government initiatives to tackle that cost, out of which 313 are already implemented. The ministry provided a simplified public contribution form (in Portuguese) to survey companies and business associations on propositions to mitigate any perceived business environment cost. The complete form is available here (in Portuguese). Contributions are designed to support the ministry in providing adequate measures to improve the business environment.