The Ministry of Economy simplified the procedure for re-importing replacement products, intended to replace previously imported faulty goods, without the double imposition of import duties. Further regulation by the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) is required.

The Ministry of Economy, through Ordinance n. 7.058/2021, updated the requirements for replacing faulty imported products – procedure that allows the import of identical goods, destined to replace previously imported goods that presented technical defects, without the imposition of import duties. The update is designed to simplify the replacement procedure, by expanding its conditions and removing an import license requirement, in line with the Law of Economic Freedom (Law n. 13.874/2019).

The new ordinance, which replaced Ordinance n. 150/1982, broadened the conditions for demonstrating the technical defects of imported products, comprising not only technical reports, but also international recalls from producers, reports from Brazilian Federal Public Administration bodies, and producer declarations (article 2). The product replacement must be an identical product, in accordance with article 1, in order to be imported without the imposition of import duties.

The Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB) will provide further regulation, including customs procedures and replacement deadlines (article 3).