The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) submitted to public consultation a draft resolution intended to establish a single administrative procedure for the monitoring of airport concession assets (movable property) under ANAC supervision.

The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) launched Public Consultation n. 4/2021, seeking to collect public contributions on a draft resolution that establishes a unified procedure for the monitoring of concession assets, comprised of every airport movable property under the right of concession, supervised by ANAC.

The new resolution intends to provide a single treatment procedure for concession asset management, which will be carried out through digital reports submitted to ANAC’s electronic systems. Four types of asset reports are established by the draft resolution, which are to be submitted individually by airport in accordance with specific requirements. The draft resolution provides further details.

Public contributions can be submitted through this form until July 23. The draft resolution, a regulatory impact analysis and more information are available at ANAC’s website.