The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) launched a public consultation on railway freight transportation, designed to update the regulatory framework on accessory operations. ANTT seeks to improve transparency and legal security related to those activities.

The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), through Public Audience n. 5/2021, submitted to public consultation a regulatory proposal designed to update the regulatory framework on railway freight transportation, specifically its accessory operations, in order to provide improvements to transparency and legal security.

According to ANTT, concessionary revenue from accessory operations have substantially increased over the last decade, while the regulatory definitions have not changed, as provided in ANTT Resolution n. 3.694/2011, hence requiring an update to the regulatory framework. More details are provided in the regulatory impact analysis and technical note.

The update seeks to expand the definition of accessory operations, which include shunting, discharge, storage, and other railway transport activities – provided in article 4 of the proposal –, which are accessory to freight transportation (transport service) in itself (article 3). The update also seeks to provide further regulatory rules and definitions, such as those related to price setting and contract establishment. 

Contributions can be submitted at ANTT’s website until September 3. The draft resolution, technical note, regulatory impact analysis, and more information can be found at that website. A public hearing will be held on August 25.