The National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANA) approved the inclusion of 23 initiatives, related to the new regulatory framework for sanitation (Law n. 14.026/2020), to ANA’s 2021-2022 Regulatory Agenda. They mainly address the implementation of regulatory provisions for infrastructure concession contracts.

The National Water and Sanitation Agency (ANA), through ANA Resolution n. 64/2021, approved the inclusion of thematic axis n. 5, namely Sanitation Reference Regulation, to ANA’s regulatory agenda for the 2021-2022 period. The newly approved regulatory agenda revision cover initiatives to implement the provisions of the new regulatory framework for sanitation, provided by Law n. 14.026/2020.

The law attributed to ANA the responsibility of further regulating the new regulatory framework. In that sense, and as a result of a public consultation (reported in the 16th edition of the Regulatory Report), ANA provided 23 initiatives to be carried out in the next four semesters, according to its priorities.

The listed initiatives deal mainly with necessary regulatory provisions for establishing infrastructure concession contracts, such as conditions related to quality and efficiency standards, economic and financial recovery, and termination of contract. The complete agenda, detailed by a semester schedule, is available here.