The Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) submitted a regulatory proposal from the National Energy Trade Chamber (CCEE) to public consultation, designed to increase the safety of the electricity market. It stems from the growth and diversification of the market.

Public Consultation n.º 51/2021 from the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) seeks to collect public contributions to a draft resolution to expand the regulatory requirements for agents trading at the electricity market, as a means to increase its safety. The proposal originates from the National Energy Trade Chamber (CCEE), responsible for operating the electricity market.

CCEE’s regulatory proposal seeks to amend ANEEL Normative Resolutions n.º 414/2010, n.º 545/2013, n.º 622/2014, and n.º 678/2015 in order to provide additional requirements for trading agents entering, operating at, and leaving the electricity market. Those requirements relate to the attestation of technical, economic, and financial capabilities; company’s and company representatives’ background verification; periodic disclosure of information; minimum requirements for operation continuity; and broadened criteria for leaving the market.

The proposal is intended to provide security in an expanding and diversifying market. According to the CCEE, while in 2011 there were around 1,500 agents operating at electricity market, there are now circa 10,000 agents, which are more diversified – a trend that is expected to continue as new legal projects and regulations promote its expansion, such as the liberalization of Free Contracting Environment by 2024 (see more in the 25th edition of the Regulatory Report).

Contributions can be submitted to this e-mail address until September 17. CCEE’s technical notes, the draft resolution, instructions for participation, and more information are available at ANEEL’s website.