The Federal Government launched the Incentive Program for Highway Freight Transportation, designed to promote initiatives for the efficiency of highway freight transportation and the well-being of its workers. The adoption of electronic transport documents and the improvement of highway infrastructure are among its guidelines.

The Federal Government, through Decree n. 10.702/2021, launched the Incentive Program for Highway Freight Transportation, designed to coordinate initiatives for improving the efficiency of federal highway freight transportation, and the well-being of its workers. The new program is structured under three axes (article 3): infrastructure, regulation and services, and incentives and well-being. As provided in article 1, the program will also observe the guidelines from the “Inov@BR” Federal Government Program (more information in the 22nd and 23rd editions of the Regulatory Report).

The new program’s guidelines are provided in article 4, which include fostering the adoption of electronic services and electronic transport documents (DT-e, in the Portuguese acronym); promoting highway infrastructure for logistical efficiency, technology incorporation, and transportation security; and simplifying regulation. According to the Ministry of Economy, it is expected that, by the end of the first half of 2022, DT-e will be mandatory for highway freight transportation, thus improving its competitiveness and security.

Additionally, Decree n. 10.703/2021 instituted the National Commission of Land Transport Authorities (CONATT, in the Portuguese acronym), whose responsibilities include the coordination of the new Federal Government program. CONATT’s framework is provided in articles 6 and 7 of Decree n. 10.703/2021, while its responsibilities within the program are provided in articles 5 to 10 of Decree n. 10.702/2021.

While the new program’s goals are listed in article 2, CONATT will provide, in a period of 30 days after its member composition is established (article 10), a list of tangible goals and specific initiatives to be carried out under the new program.