The National Agency for Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ) launched a second public consultation process concerning a new mechanism for assessing potential abuses related to Terminal Handling Charges (THC).

Public Audience n.º 3/2022 from the National Agency for Waterway Transportation (ANTAQ) seeks to collect public contributions on a draft resolution and a draft normative instruction designed to establish new instruments for assessing potential abuses in the charging of Terminal Handling Charges (THC) at Brazilian port facilities. It comprises ANTAQ’s 2020-2021 Regulatory Agenda (item 3.1).

A draft resolution was also the subject of Public Audience n.º 11/2021, reported in the 24th edition of the Regulatory Report, whose collection of public contributions was responsible for the improvement of the new proposal, according to ANTAQ’s technical note from the new public consultation. In addition, the draft normative instruction provides the methodology for assessing abusive behavior related to THC, to be applied by ANTAQ in support of the appropriate administrative procedures.

Contributions can be submitted through ANTAQ’s website until April 6. The draft normative instruction and draft resolution, the regulatory impact analyses, and more information are available on that website.